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Healthy Beauty Comes From Within

When one speaks of a "beautiful person", everyone has a different picture in mind. This is due to the fact that the term "beauty" is very subjective. What people of different regions and ages agree on though, apart from a few extreme examples, is that beautiful people seem very healthy. A healthy body is automatically attractive. Certain variations of hair color and hairstyle, clothing style and make-up, of course, can enhance this natural attractiveness.

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The human body is exposed to various influences during its life that can damage its health. Since each person is exposed to different outer influences, an individual examination is needed to find out exactly what is needed to counteract aging and toxic influences.

For the skin, hair and nails, however, the following stimuli can be identified as being responsible for main problems related to a healthy appearance:

  • Pollutants from the environment (pesticides, electro smog or air pollution)

  • Long-term stress or pressure, both on the psychological (burnout), as well as physical level

  • Sitting for a long time, no movement outdoors

  • Too little or disturbed sleep, thus ineffective regeneration

  • Disruption of hormonal balance

  • Long-term lack of specific nutrients or malnutrition:

o A too one-sided diet involving heavily processed foods

o Ingestion of too little water or wrong drinks

On the one hand, a diet can include too many animal fats and simple carbohydrates (sugar). Therefore, the density of specific nutrients is too high. On the other hand, foods in highly developed industrialized nations provide a too low density of nutrients, lacking some delicate vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids in particular that are lost through strong industrial processing.

The well-known word "connective tissue" is not only responsible for a firm skin, but also helps to keep cartilage, blood vessels and tendons resilient and flexible at the same time. These connective tissue types consist mainly of the protein collagen. Collagen is built up from amino acids. The main ingredients here are glycine and proline, as well as hydroxyprolin. For the networking of these chains, the amino acid lysine, as well as vitamin C are essential.

Hair is mainly made up of proteins as well. The main building material for hair and nails is keratin, the material that hooves and horns of animals consist of. This includes glycine, arginine and methionine as well. Amino acids can be found in protein-rich foods (cereals, eggs, legumes, fish and meat).

Copper and zinc are equally essential for a healthy hair, skin and nail appearance. Copper provides a stable connection between collagen fibers and elastin as well as a glossy hair color. Especially people with skin problems such as redness and acne (reduction of sebum production) benefit from sufficient intake of zinc.

A sufficient supply of antioxidants is particularly important for the protection of cells, especially the outer layers of the skin that are directly exposed to environmental influences.

The main antioxidants are vitamin C and E, as well as the trace element selenium. Fish, meat, cereal products grown in selenium-rich soils (for example in North America) as well as nuts contain high concentrations of selenium. The fat-soluble vitamin E is included in vegetable oils, especially in olive oil and wheat germ oil.

The issue we are facing is that most of the substances and vitamins described cannot be consumed in sufficient amounts. Is there a solution?

Yes, there is. In addition to a healthy holistic diet, we recommend an intake of specific supplements that contain most of these vitamins. Our products can help you improve your hair, skin and nail structure and appearance.

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