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Pollution Issue in London

Pollution is a common issue all over London. This video illustrates some of the most important pollution statistics of 2018:

1. Over 9,000 Londoners are dying early every year as a result of toxic air

2. Approximately 50% of air pollution comes from road transport and 40% comes from diesel

3. 6m car journeys are made by Londoners every day (2m of those are under 2km)

4. 24.6% of all educational establishments are in areas that breach the legal limit for NO2

5. You are twice as likely to die from lung diseases if you live in deprived vs affluent areas

6. 1 in 6 deaths could be prevented if everyone walked or cycled 20 minutes each day

7. 40% of people have personal deliveries to their workplace

8. The right detox and the supplementation can help to prevent and counteract the negative impacts of pollution

Source: www.london.gov.uk Music: www.bendsound.com

All Image Material and Editing made by ENKI Institute.

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